As our largest and outermost organ, the skin plays a subtle role in both physical and mental health.

It’s common knowledge, and a common worry, that our skin health influences how others see us and how we feel about our appearance, but did you know that the condition of your skin is connected to the health of your entire body — your brain, your gut and other body systems?

Your skin health is VITAL for vitamin conversion, insulation, wound repair, sensory perception and protection from environmental antigens, and its functions are informed by the same nutrition principles as other organs in your body.

This is why some aspects of overall skin health are actually best addressed by nutrition. Skin health starts on the inside.

We invite you to learn how to nourish the health and beauty of your skin deep into life!

How to Build Beautiful Skin from Within will teach you about:

  • Nutritional genomics & skin-essential nutrients
  • Barriers to healthy skin nourishment
  • Interrelationship between the gut & skin
  • Basic gut health recommendations
  • Strategies to defend against oxidative stress caused by exposure to free radicals
  • Ways to support hydration, barrier function, elasticity & healthy aging
  • How diet can contribute to beautiful skin & promote a healthy collagen network

Dr. Mark Tager, medical advisor at Neurohacker Collective, will reveal the secrets to building beautiful skin and answer your questions about nutrition, supplements, topicals and procedures that can help support firmer, brighter, smoother and younger-looking skin. You’ll discover a simple, yet complete skin nourishment regimen and learn how Neurohacker’s QUALIA SKIN can help you achieve your beautiful skin goal from the inside out.

Meet your Host

Mark J. Tager, MD

Mark J. Tager, MD

Dr. Mark Tager is medical advisor at Neurohacker Collective, bringing decades of expertise spanning the fields of integrative, functional, aesthetic, regenerative and lifestyle medicine to the team. He has created hundreds of educational videos and training courses, as well as authored 11 books. His latest book, Feed Your Skin Right, builds on his passion for an inside-out approach to skin health. Dr. Tager received his medical training at Duke University and family practice at the University of Oregon. Renowned for teaching other clinicians, he has served as faculty at Duke Integrative Medicine, the American Nutrition Association and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.