My Breast Friend™ is the NEW standard in EARLIER, AT-HOME breast cancer detection — with self-detection as effective as a mammogram! Our training videos, resources and patented training device will teach you to detect a lump up to 3.1cm smaller than the average-sized lump found by accident — meaning you will discover it SOONER rather than later.

With My Breast Friend™, you’ll increase breast self-awareness and train yourself to know the difference between normal breast tissue and a suspicious lump.


  • Our patented self-exam training device
  • Follow-along instructional booklet
  • Access to an instructional video
  • Replay access to the My Breast Friend webinar
  • Downloadable webinar PDF transcript
  • Private Facebook group membership

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Early detection of breast cancer is essential to better treatment outcomes and long-term survival, and most lumps are first detected by fingers, by women themselves. It only makes sense, then, that the more skilled you are, the higher the chances you will find a lump sooner than later, smaller than bigger (or before and after your yearly mammogram!).

Educate and train yourself to confidently and skillfully perform an effective breast self-exam with My Breast Friend™, the at-home method based on the recognized standard for performing and teaching clinical and personal breast examination for over 30 years, The MammaCare Method®.

Want to learn effective breast self-exam techniques? We’ll show you how!

Lean on the wisdom of our experts to teach you...

  • 4 methods for detecting a lump
  • 3 critical components for a successful breast self-exam
  • Assessment of risk factors for breast cancer
  • Detecting lumps smaller and sooner
  • Increased breast self-awareness
  • And so much more!

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Meet your Host

Mark J. Tager, MD

Mark J. Tager, MD

Dr. Mark Tager is medical advisor at Neurohacker Collective, bringing decades of expertise spanning the fields of integrative, functional, aesthetic, regenerative and lifestyle medicine to the team. He has created hundreds of educational videos and training courses, as well as authored 11 books. His latest book, Feed Your Skin Right, builds on his passion for an inside-out approach to skin health. Dr. Tager received his medical training at Duke University and family practice at the University of Oregon. Renowned for teaching other clinicians, he has served as faculty at Duke Integrative Medicine, the American Nutrition Association and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.